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Craig L. Andrews

Coming From Solstice Publishing July 2013
Craig L. Andrews, The Ninth Martini

The Ninth Martini

When hard-nosed Navy intelligence officer, Zack Hawkshaw,
reluctantly agrees to use skills from an extinct CIA program
for a mission, he has no idea he’ll be plunged into a race to save
the world. A former Navy SEAL, Zack, goes head-to-head with a man
from an old secret KGB program who has Middle East connections,
a man obsessed with ushering in a new world.

Solstice Publishing

Craig L. Andrews

Biographic Note About The Author

Craig L. Andrews is eclectic when it comes to writing genre, connecting
creative wires to whatever sparks a great story that could take the
reader somewhere memorable. He tries to develop characters and stories
driven by logic and plausibility. He is the author of Broken Toy,
A Man's Dream, A Company's Mystery, a biography of a man whose small
company patented a toy mouse, Micky, two years before Walt Disney's Mickey Mouse.
The book was a major reference used for the PBS History Detectives program.
He is the author of two works in the horror genre, The Godmanchester Stone
and The Bed and Breakfast, published by Commonwealth Publications.
He’s a member of the National Writers Association and a member of the
Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators. He holds a B. S. and
an M.S. degree in physics, and has authored physics and automotive engineering
papers. When he’s not writing he dabbles in photography and video animation.

Craig L. Andrews

Books by Craig L. Andrews - - Available at Amazon
Craig L. Andrews, Bed and Breakfast

Craig L. Andrews

Craig L. Andrews, Bed and Breakfast Craig L. Andrews, godmanchester stone

Books by Craig L. Andrews - - out of print and available for publishing.

Craig L. Andrews


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Craig L. Andrews

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Craig L. Andrews

Broken Toy Book Review
Broken Toy Book Review

Silly Movie About Donuts
Silly Movie About Donuts

Craig L. Andrews

Craig L. Andrews

Craig L. Andrews


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